For nonprofits, coalitions, and other charitable groups who are givable

We provide you with practical hands-on help in assessing, developing and articulating the meaning that makes you givable. All services are tailored to your specific needs.

We’re particularly interested in helping nonprofits assess and strengthen your capacity and your impact as we believe that this is the substance of what makes you givable. Incorporating the perspectives of both your internal and external stakeholders is one way we can help you understand both where you are and the potential of where you could be.



Vision and mission review and development
Values identification
Purpose and goal-setting



Board assessment
Stakeholder feedback
Funder and donor feedback
Constituent engagement



Organizational capacity assessment
Best practices research and synthesis
Landscape analysis
Concept or strategy development
White paper preparation
Grant proposal/application review
Funder site visit review and prep


Annual Operating Budget Up to $1 million $1 million up to $3.5 million $3.5 million and above
Hourly Rate $90/hr $105/hr $120/hr

5% discount for half-day engagements (4 to 7 hrs); 10% discount for full-day engagements (8 hours); Custom project pricing available.

These discounted rates are specifically for nonprofit organizations and efforts. Click here for rates for non-operating nonprofits (e.g., private foundations, family foundations or community foundations) based on giving level.

“Kate was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. She explained the process in clear terms, outlined a timeline that worked with our schedules, solicited input from all team members, and synthesized our vision, mission, and values perfectly. We are thrilled with the end project!”


Whether you give or you’re givable, you want to make the difference that matters to you. We’re here to help.